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“The Café – conveniently located in the Paristown neighborhood – serves ample portions of fresh, home-cooked food with a Southern accent Mondays through Saturdays. Their dishes are served with love in an artistically eclectic, industrial setting. That’s how The Café has garnered legions of loyal customers and friends since 1996. With soups, sandwiches, salads and breakfast ALL day, The Café has something for everyone. Your first visit will certainly not be your last.

Trip Advisor’s number one choice for breakfast and lunch in Louisville, The Café was founded by Sal Rubino and his wife over a dozen years ago. Now a Louisville institution, the Café’s menu is a mix of Southern Cuisine and New York Italian. Whether it is their famous chicken salad, hearty breakfast or amazing salads, it’s a guarantee you will never walk away hungry! The Café is proof that if a restaurant serves good food, people will go out of their way to find it.


Since opening its doors in 1996, this quaint, hospitality-driven restaurant never fails to wow its patrons with large portions, fresh ingredients, robust flavors and a little something extra. The Café is an ideal location for a quick business meeting, lunch with friends and family, or even a quick solo meal.


Comforting, home-cooked, Southern-accented options will leave you wondering how we did it. In a city like Louisville, where restaurant choices are nearly endless, The Café sets itself apart with deceptive simplicity. Eat at The Café once, and you’ll be back again and again.


711 Brent Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40204

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Open daily from 8 a.m.–9 p.m. Now serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.




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